I'm a 21 year old, College Marketing Student with a dream. I started Prada Uchiha to express my love and passion for Anime and Fashion. I grew up watching Anime and was influenced by European fashion through my parents. Both offer me creative outlets for self-expression and have helped me in my personal growth. I established Prada Uchiha in 2019 in order to pursue my dreams


I’m a 21-year-old Australian biomedical student with a devotion to anime, digital art and music. I’m influenced deeply by beautiful OSTs and stylistic animation, and I’m grateful to be part of a team that can translate this into fashion. As a side hustle, alongside my role within Prada Uchiha, I also take art commissions under my instagram profile @evoca_vescence. My dream is to be part of something worthwhile. Set your heart ablaze!


I am a 23 year old Health and Physical Education Teacher. I earned my Bachelor's of Science: Health & PE Degree back in 2021. I absolutely love being a teacher. Outside of the classroom, I love playing soccer & disc golf, as well as working out, hiking, roadtripping, watching anime and playing a variety of video games. My best friend Cloud showed me Prada Uchiha. After the two of us connected with Daniel, we immediately put our unbeatable synergy to work and created the foundation of the Prada Uchiha Discord Community. I am proud to be a part of the Prada Uchiha Team.